Warlikowski’s (A)pollonia at the Google Cultural Institute

du 1 décembre au 31 décembre 2015

Press release

NInA to Release Krzysztof Warlikowski’s (A)pollonia at the Google Cultural Institute

On December 1st, (A)pollonia, a play by one of Poland’s top theater directors, Krzysztof

Warlikowski, will be published in its entirety at the Google Cultural Institute, an

international platform for the arts. The National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) will thus join

a group of over sixty cultural institutions from across the globe that are participating in

Google’s new project, Performing Arts.

This collaboration between the NInA and the Google Cultural Institute will allow internet

users to view this production by Krzysztof Warlikowski in high definition, from start to

finish, entirely legally. (A)pollonia will be one of the first theatrical performances available in

its entirety at the Google Cultural Institute.

Following the release of Penderecki Reloaded at the world’s largest online cultural institute,

the National Audiovisual Institute continues its mission to showcase theater productions in

audiovisual form, marking 250 years of public theater in Poland.

“From its inception, the National Audiovisual Institute’s mission has been to archive and

share Poland’s audiovisual heritage with a broad audience. I’m very pleased that today, on

the 250th anniversary of public theater in Poland, thanks to the Google Cultural Institute, we

can share one of the most important plays to appear on Polish stages in recent years with

fans of the performing arts from all over the world,” says Michał Merczyński, director of the

National Audiovisual Institute.

(A)pollonia, a story of crime, self-sacrifice and unredeemed guilt, is among the most

important and most outstanding plays in 21st century Polish theater. The piece premiered

May 16, 2009, at Warsaw’s Koneser Cultural Center, located in a former vodka distillery in

the Praga neighborhood. This was the first production by Krzysztof Warlikowski’s Nowy Theater. In July of 2009, (A)pollonia was performed at the Avignon Festival. In 2014, a

performance of (A)pollonia was recorded by Polish Television and the National Audiovisual

Institute. The play has enjoyed unwavering popularity with audiences since its very

premiere, and has proved to be an important point of reference for theater scholars. The

cast features a who’s-who of Polish actors, including Magdalena Cielecka, Andrzej Chyra,

Maciej Stuhr, Maja Ostaszewska, Ewa Dałkowska, Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik, Jacek

Poniedziałek and Marek Kalita.

The play is based both on ancient texts — dramas by Aeschylus and Euripides — as well as

contemporary literature, including the work of J.M. Coetzee and Hanna Krall as well as

Jonathan Littell’s widely translated novel The Kindly Ones.

(A)pollonia tells the tale of three women: Iphigenia, sacrificed for her homeland by her

father, Agamemnon; Alcestis, who gives her life for her husband, Admet; and Apollonia

Machczyńska, who chooses to shelter Jews and is subsequently killed in the war, orphaning

her children. The director poses questions about the profound meaning of sacrifice and

about our right to decide about the lives of others as well as our own, as our personal

decisions can have a significant effect on the destinies of others.

The play was produced in cooperation with five Polish and European theaters: the Théatre

National de Chaillot in Paris, the Comédie de Geneve-Centre Dramatique, the Théatre de la

Place de Liege, the Théatre Royal de la Monnaie de Bruxelles, and the Helena Modrzejewska

National Stary Theater in Kraków, with additional help from several international theater

festivals, including the famous Avignon Festival.

The Google Cultural Institute will showcase (A)pollonia as part of its Performing Arts project,

which will allow internet users to tour the most important sites on the cultural map of the

world. The project features over sixty leading arts scenes from twenty countries, along with

over 150 interactive collections comprising a combined 8,000 photographs, videos and other

documents. Performing Arts will include, among many other productions, a 360° recording

of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 (also known as “The

Choral”), performed by the Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle; gigapixel

photographs of Marc Chagall’s Ceiling for the Paris Opera; and the Teatro Real building in


The Google Cultural Institute provides the technology to help communities transfer their

cultural treasures, archives, places of national heritage and other historical material online.

The purpose of this global platform is to increase the range and quantity of cultural content

available to all internet users, leading to the democratization of access to the arts and

preserving them for future generations. The Google Cultural Institute now works with over

850 partners in sixty countries and contains over six million artifacts. Visitors to the Google

Cultural Institute site can view exhibitions from seventeen partners in Poland.

Founded ten years ago, the National Audiovisual Institute is a modern cultural institution

that works to digitize, disseminate and promote Poland’s audiovisual heritage. The NInA’s

mission is to collect, archive, reconstruct and disseminate the most noteworthy works of

culture in the fields of cinema, music and theater.

The NInA is active both online and offline. It publishes most of its constantly expanding

collection on the internet, including over 5,500 pieces of cultural content in audio and video

form through the Ninateka online library (www.ninateka.pl). All of the institute’s archived

resources — close to 10,000 pieces of content with a total runtime of over 3,000 hours — can be viewed on location at the NInA archives, housed in the institute’s newly-opened

building in Warsaw. The NInA is also the publisher of Dwutygodnik.com – an online cultural

magazine that reports on and reviews cultural and social issues in Poland and abroad — and

runs the School Musicotheque (www.muzykotekaszkolna.pl), an educational site created to

foster an interest in music among children and adolescents.

The National Audiovisual Institute operates offline at ul. Wałbrzyska 3/5 in Służew, Warsaw,

where it holds film screenings, exhibitions, debates, workshops, seminars and conferences

for professionals and amateurs in the field of the audiovisual arts, including families, youths

and seniors. Admission is free to all events.

The NInA fosters conscious consumers and creators of audiovisual culture, offers audiovisual

and “Culture 2.0” educational programs, and collaborates with experts in the fields of new

media, copyright, archiving and digital reconstruction.

From its inception, the institute has also been a publisher of many unique DVD and CD series

devoted to Poland’s most outstanding animated and documentary films, as well as the latest

work by contemporary composers and theater and opera directors. The NInA is a coproducer

of feature and documentary films, including the Oscar-nominated Joanna, by

Aneta Kopacz, Łukasz Barczyk’s Influenza, Borys Lankosz’s A Grain of Truth, and Another

World, directed by Dorota Kędzierzawska.

Find out more at www.nina.gov.pl, www.ninateka.pl, www.dwutygodnik.com and

www.muzykotekaszkolna.pl, or visit us in person at the National Audiovisual Institute, ul.

Wałbrzyska 3/5, 02-739 Warsaw, Poland.

<WWW CLICK HERE TO WATCH https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/exhibit/„-a-pollonia-krzysztofa-warlikowskiego-nowy-teatr-w-warszawie/UwLSL05axuGMKQ?hl=pl>